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Trying to scoop it up in a glass beaker and failing Sabine grabbed it without thinking with her bare fingers, as she dropped it into the beaker she felt a wave of pin pricks run across the finger and thumb and an almost pleasurable sensation ran up her arm , Lying in bed late into the night she feels drained without having done anything, Flopping back to the bed Sabine can do nothing but scream as the creatures lower body hardens even more rubbing and pulsing on her throbbing abused clit, her mouth wide open as she orgasms she screams, Sabine is unable to stop the limb pushing into her mouth the feathery flesh pricking her mouth causing her to pant and gag at first, she feels the flesh change becoming smooth and slick as it slips further into her mouth, pulsing in time with its other appendages, A few weeks later as Anton was away working as a shuttle pilot, Sabine woke one morning with a strange feeling of disconnection, as she lay in bed she felt her breasts ache and her nipples tingle, drowsily she remembered the dream she’d had, an unseen person had been teasing and sucking her breasts and nipples, confused Sabine sat up, she could not remember having erotic dreams before even when Anton and her had been dating

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